The Environment & The need for packaging


Whilst packaging often receives poor publicity, most packaging users understand the importance of protecting goods and their handlers from harm during storage and transportation. It is also used to provide important information, security and compliance with government regulations relating to the product’s packaging and labelling. In many cases it can also enhance the shelf life of a product.

As Packaging is an essential commodity for many businesses, it is always important to consider ways to minimise the impact that packaging can have on the environment, without compromising on product protection and integrity. This is why we always subscribe to the 3 Rs Principles:


1. Reduce

DK Group Packaging will constantly look for ways to reduce the amount of packaging you as a customer require to use.

2. Reuse

Where possible we will always recommend Re-usable products. However, it is not always the most practical, sustainable or best environmental option.

3. Recycle

If a product can’t be reused, it should be recycled as this can save energy, reduce rubbish in landfill sites and cut the cost of waste disposal. Many of the materials we sell such as Corrugated board, paper and polythene have excellent Recycling streams within the UK and Main land Europe.
Environmentally-beneficial packaging solutions.

At DK Group Packaging we work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide environmentally friendly packaging products. Upto 90% of our products are now made from recyclable materials.